MilesWeb Cloud Hosting Review 2020: How Good is MilesWeb?


In business at some point, you might be thinking to expand your website when the traffic increases.  At that time, you need a server which will provide you guaranteed CPU and RAM without degrading the actual performance of the website.

The cloud facilitating model is a less expensive option in contrast to the customary committed server model that expects organizations to fabricate and deal with their own server farms. In the conventional model, servers and capacity, with committed equipment and virtual assets, live on premises and can be an exorbitant capital and working cost for associations,

Cloud facilitating makes applications and sites available utilizing cloud assets. Not at all like customary facilitating, arrangements are not sent on a solitary server working cost for associations.

Companies using a cloud hosting service get benefits such as data protection availability.  Many organization and large scale business prefer being into cloud hosting that resides on premises and compute in the cloud provider’s environment.    

Most of the top Cloud hosting providers are now stepping into Indian market to create their servers and Data centers in India because they have an extreme potential and can get maximum benefits in India and as there are billions of Internet users in India.

I would be keen in describing you the best cheap cloud hosting services which are best and top cloud hosting provider in India that is MilesWeb.

The benefits you get with cloud hosting environment:

1) Reliable one – Cloud servers are reliable that means one physical server goes down or fails other servers will take its responsibility.

2) Security – The data is stored at various places, on different servers. Thus, even if one server doesn’t perform well, you have got the other server for your backup. There are several server protocols to manage the widespread of data and it cannot be cracked that easily

3) Pricing – You only need to pay for the resources that you use per scale.  You don’t need to pay extra you need to pay only that you use for your purpose.

4) Scalability – In, Cloud hosting, the resources can be scaled upward and downward which gives it more flexibility and ultimately, saves your expense.

“ MilesWeb Pricing –  AWS LINUX CLOUD “

  • AWS – V1 = 650/mo
  • AWS – V2 = 860/mo
  • AWS – V3 = 14,40/mo
  • AWS – V4 = 2,880/mo
  • AWS – V5 = 5,760/mo
  • AWS – V6 = 10,800/mo
  • AWS – V7 = 21,600/mo


Easy To Available:

Best aws managed hosting provider like Miles Web that are highly reliable and they offer 99.95% Up time. Cloud servers run as an interconnected network. Even if one of the servers fails, services are automatically diverted from the other active servers in the network.

Easy To Deploy:

It’s not necessary that you should have knowledge of coding without it also you can access it. The user can easily use PHP, Ruby, Node, and Python with no coding knowledge also.

Easy To Manage:

It is easy to comprise of deployment manager configure and log files team collaboration platform which is integrated with CI/CD tolls.  It includes full-fledged dashboards consists of an intuitive application topology wizard.

Check the review by the MilesWeb user:


MilesWeb offers excellent features –

  • Affordable

Your main purpose of taking your hosting to the cloud is reduced cost which is affordable than the cost of other web hosting is considered.

  • Optimized

MilesWeb AWS is properly optimized as they have advanced caching. You get enhance with better performance with them.

  • Security

You get excellent security with MilesWeb Cloud platform to safeguard your site and its data with them you are completely secured and safe.

  • Expertise

MilesWeb offering cloud hosting services have an expert team for all the solutions that you expect them to solve your queries as early as possible.  They have a certified expert to take care of your site.

Final Words  :

From the above article you can see that Cloud hosting is one of the best hosting to get your business grow and set your website scalability and make your resources available and perform  better is MilesWeb Cloud hosting that is affordable and optimized that gives you excellent security.  So as per my views and experience MilesWeb would be an ideal to get your site hosted on their Cloud platform which is based on AWS and DigitalOcean.

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